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The simplest solution that permet to you to detect, recognise, get person's gendre & age from his photo, start upload image to test it!

V 1.13 Stable

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API Usage:

Face detection: Upload & get results in one request: perform POST request to https://faceapi.hirak.cc/?photo=YOUR-BASE64-PHOTO&filename=FILENAME&token=YOUR-TOKEN, you will get result like this:

    "detection": {
      "_imageDims": {
        "_width": 1962,
        "_height": 2800
      "_score": 0.9926775097846985,
      "_classScore": 0.9926775097846985,
      "_className": "",
      "_box": {
        "_x": 473.2473533864141,
        "_y": 888.0765676498413,
        "_width": 522.395622572195,
        "_height": 629.5653104782104
    "gender": "male",
    "genderProbability": 0.8355745077133179,
    "age": 22.40056800842285

Face recognition: Upload & get results in one request: perform POST request to https://faceapi.hirak.cc/?photo=REFERENCE-PHOTO-BASE-64-ENCODED&filename=PHOTO-FILENAME&photo2=QUERY-PHOTO-BASE-64-ENCODED&filename2=PHOTO2-FILENAME&token=YOUR-TOKEN, we have to compare query image with reference image, no person name is required, you will get result like this -on success-:

{"_label":"person 1","_distance":0.5313379513453699}

or -on failure-:


Upgrade to unlimited here for 1$/month, any issues/questions or integration problems report to: contact@hirak.cc

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